Having shelter is a basic need for most humans. Its provision of protection, security, recuperation and/ or status has allowed us to create various types of dwellings over the course of time.

Whether walls and roofs are made of, leaf, corrugated iron, foil, wood, shingle, brick, stone, – clay and straw, the need for a retreat has always been inherent to us.

The Treehouse is one such shelter. It resonates with a childhood dream – high up in the air, like a bird on a branch, a place between heaven and earth. Perhaps it also evokes a past time when our ancestors still lived in the trees, its offer of security giving us comfort in the branches high above our predators.

The Idea

The Idea of the Treehouse was born from my decades of experience as carpenter and joiner both in Germany and abroad.

In the beginning the focus was on what space to construct and which size best corresponds to human needs.Then consideration about floor space and resources.The result was a treehouse construction which consumes only ¼ of the usable living space of about 18 m².

A further central feature was sustainability and the solution of adomestic white fir to provide the basic material of the construction of the treehouse .This typical flexiblewood of the Black Forest tree offers the perfect renewable material.

The Shape

The shape of a trunk is reproduced with help of a loadbearing wooden construction. Wooden trusses arranged in a circle form the basic trunk.

The branches run upwards, bend outwards and form the crown – a structural platform. An external staircase leads to the branches, and on through to the platformdwelling.

This is roofed space for myriad possibilities. Regardless of the tree population, the Schwarzwälder Baumhaus can be built in a wide variety of environments and used for a wide variety of purposes.

The Use

For instance, it can appear as a micro-appartment in rural areas and urban areas providing a space for tourism, wellbeing or as seminar room. The Schwarzwälder Treehouse can serve as a forest and observation site or as a cafeteria in a pedestrian zone.

Whether woodcutter furnishing with a stove or a place in which high end equipment is placed, there are no limits to your imagination. Each structure is individually manufactured to meet your personal needs and for its respective use.

The Blackforrest Treehouse is a very special place between heaven and earth.


Nico Pfisterer, Schreiner und Zimmermann.

After gaining my qualification as joiner at Oberndorf/Neckar I went on to do an apprenticeship in carpentry at the "compagnions de devoir" in Chinon, France.

In 2000, having gained professional experiences in different carpenter enterprises, I went to Africa and then later on to Indonesia to work for the NGO doctors without borders.

From 2001 till 2002 I travelled through Europe (3500 km by foot on the ST Jacobs path) with my fellow french craftsman.

Since 2002 I have worked as an independent craftsman in the wood sector. I have successfully accomplished various extraordinary projects in Germany and abroad, including tasks like the refit of an 80 year old sailing yacht and the restoration of a Sicilian plantation house.

Today I live together with my wife Julia von Troschke and our two kids Ronja and Silas in Oberndorf am Neckar.

A milestone – the prototype is ready!

From now on appointents for interested parties to visit or rent the tree house are possible.

Contact for visitation: Nico Pfisterer

Contact for rental: Der Genießerhof

Music: Bornhak / Bayer. Film: Roland Krieg - Fotodesign


The Brochure

With the symbollink below you have the possibility to download our brochure in PDF-Format.